Majority of us have the passion of writing, telling and narrating stories and other intellectual acts.. Well the good news is you can monetize this motherfucking gifts of yours if you can write them down and  compose them well... How?.. What you need is a Blog!..

WHAT IS A BLOG? A Blog is a website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, sometimes letting readers comment on their posts. Most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses, etc.) Entries (also known as postings) typically appear in reverse chronological order.. Having a blog site you can monetize it when you place advertisements on it you earn money when alot of people visit your blog site..

HOW DO I START? There are two free blog hosting site I recommend [Blogger and WordPress blog] they both give you a Sub-domain name which will be only special identity to access your blog site.. Just like this particular blog.. Head over to Blogger official site here to create a free blogger blog and get a free sub domain. For WordPress blog go to WordPress now you get a free sub domain as well..This two blogs can be monetized with Google Adsense [The best Ads Market for websites in the world]..

OK now I will be explaining how to successfully create and design a blogger blog..

➡️To create a blogger blog the means of registeration is via a Google account so create a Google account first and then head straight to blogger official site as provided above.. After signing in with your Google account, you now need to enter your blog name/title you want to give your blog just like mine [Godwin Hot Blog] and then save..

➡️ ON your blogger account dashboard Go to settings then tap 'basic' then tap blog address then enter the url you wish for your blog [this is the Sub-domain for anyone to access all your blog posts] make sure to use a name that describes what you would like to be posting on your blog and short for you to remember, Blogger might also suggest a blog address for you.. Example just like mine 'Here'.. After then save.

➡️The next is to go to theme/template (on your blogger account dashboard) and then tap backup/restore theme.. A Theme is used to change the visual appearance of a website to make it look presentable just like u see mine.. Cool right? Yeah!.. You can find cool free premium themes on the web (just Google search for Blogger free template and download one that suites you).. Having downloaded one, before going back to your blogger account open the downloaded theme cos it won't be in the right format for blogger to use,, open the file you will then find the real theme in it,, it ends with. [. Xml] then extract the theme to a new folder [note for this process use winrar or the apps that open similar files like that..

➡️After extracting the theme to a new folder head back to blogger account and upload this theme u will find it in the folder you saved the (. Xml) file.. Having done that,, your blog visual appreance would look just great..

➡️The new step is to start editing your layout,, go to layout {on your blogger account dashboard} and edit some of it like the menu (you add home url,about url, privacy policy url, disclaimer url and others like that) then save then tap social media options and add your social media direct account links like This, and this when u done.. Still in the layout option keep adding more details..

➡️Now we begin your blog.. After saving all your work as instructed above,, go to your blogger dashboard and tap create post to start writing your beautiful contents (if you want to get approved by Google adsense don't ever use another blog or website content and pics) but if you are the lazy type if you can there's another way of monetize your blog with Google ads but not adsense this time but admob (Ads meant for mobiles) but with some tricks ads will be displayed on your sites.. Check full post for that here 👉 HOW TO ADD ADMOB ADS ON BLOGGER AND WORDPRESS BLOG..

➡️After writing and having published some beautiful post,, if you want to monetize your site with Google adsense then it can boost your chance by buying and linking a custom domain you can get free domains as well but might get less chances with free domains.. Check this post to learn more 👉 FREE DOMAINS TO LINK YOUR BLOG SITES.. If u feel you can't use the post link in the previous link I dropped above to add admob ads on your site so easy and fast approval..

➡️After monetizing your blog,, you can't for sure click on your own ads.. Google will detect that and block your account,, you need lots of traffic and clicks.. You can do that by sharing your post on Facebook, WhatsApp group, friends, family and other social media accounts.. Most importantly be sure to join Facebook and WhatsApp group for views 4 views and clicks 4 clicks just Google search for C4C whatsapp group links and for Facebook, head to Facebook and search for C4c and join as many groups you can.. There you share your post links and tell your C4c members to exchange traffic and clicks with you.. That's a trick to generate income cos what is the essence of having a good blog site and not making money from it.. Bull shit! Yes!...


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