This is very serious its no doubt that there's a lot of android phones in the world today and many of us don't know which to use or to spot the original ones or even know which phone brand is best to use and not to use. We'll we are always here to help..
Android phone brands should be chosen in name, symbol, logo, or other item used to distinguish a product or service, or its provider as a specific product, service, or provider. Some android phones don't even have brands or even any special type or distinct style and variety of options for their products and some happen to have this qualities but are not really rated probably because they are new or they don't add superb distinguishing features to convince customers and it might also happen that they don't last long or it's they aren't registered under the trade mark of a particular country. Android operating systems for I can remember started with version 2.1 [ Éclair], 2.2 [ Froyo] 2.3 [Gingerbread], 3.0 version [Honeycomb], 4.0 version [ Ice Cream], 4.1 version [Jelly bean] 4.4 version we have [ kiktat], 5.0 version we have [Lollipop], 6.0 version [Marshmallow], 7.0 [Nougat], 8.0 [Oreo], 9.0 version we have [Android Pie] and finally the latest version 10 called [Andiod Q]. I think I skipped 2 more version before the first version I mentioned well that it guys. Let's proceed.


1. SAMSUNG : Samsung is a gadget tech company they happen to have the best smartphones in the world, Samsung smartphones are built in android operating system well before that, Samsung started with Java phones [early age phones] for those that still remember it. Samsung has long been existing and still functioning well as more release of really cool android phones are been released from time to time. It even happened to be that people choose use Samsung phones over iPhone. I think Samsung phone still battling with iPhones..

2. HUAWEI : HUAWEI is a Chinese gadget tech company the rise of HUAWEI seriously shocked me believe me as at 2013, I didn't even get to see most people using Huawei products they must have worked really hard in producing more distinguishing android phones aside other available android phones in the world. And as at now, HUAWEI no longer use the android operating system as it now has its own operating system which I happen not to know of it name for now will do my findings and tell you guys though. If am given an opportunity right now to choose any free android phone in the market am so taking the latest HUAWEI phone like I wanna see how its going to operate, if not an android system and still not an iOS system, not window system then what operating system would it be and how does it work.

3. TECNO : Tecno is also a tech company, tecno boosted it sale in most African countries it is built in an android operating system and its super easy to use. I even just heard android system version 10 has been created man I gotta go change my phone. Tecno is also under China, China are now dead serious of technology I guess, most of tecno products have been used by me and I find them very good well try to upgrade as more new phones are released for some of you thatove Tecno phones.

4. SONY : Remember the popular old Sony Ericsson phones, it first started with java operating system and then switch to android system as technology rises. I haven't actually used Sony android phones but many people around have its so cool you should see the latest Sony phone wow so flat it's my taste of android phone now..So you guys should always consider this phone brands they are the 4 best I know. Oh ofcos we have more that are so good too like LG,GIONEE [ popularly known for it long lasting batteries].

Criterias In Buying A Really good Phone.

1. The first thing to consider is money at hand.
2. The brand of phone you intend to use.
3. The features of the particular phone you wish to buy after deciding the brand. I mean the version of operating system, the RAM of the phone, the battery life, Internet speed, etc.
4. Where to buy the phone as some companies price aren't the same.


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