Hi everyone, it's so great for me to think about this and finally ready to share it to you guys. It's Midnight right now I guess it's when my brain works so efficiently I happen to be so active at night especially just to wake up to browse the internet 😂 well don't let me talk about myself, the main focus of this article is to tell everyone here the best available apps to receive all your online payment. Some of you might know about some of this apps and even must have used or presently using them well good enough for you guys but you can still get to know others and for those who do not have any clue of this apps, it's your lucky day as you won't need to pant anymore on how to withdraw your funds after gathering them on a particular site you worked for or for those that are use ads marketing and into affiliate marketing programs you can use this apps to receive all your payments and any Currency [Dollar, Pounds, Euro etc]. Now let's see this apps one by one.


➡️ PAYPAL : PayPal is now a very popular app to receive your various currency funds online and even payment from individuals. With PayPal, you can create a business account or a individual account and get to link a card [debit or credit card] and any local bank account you use so as to be able to withdraw your money directly into your bank account and the money will be exchanged automatically to your countries currency according to the official exchange rate. You can access PayPal on the web too it's not necessary you download the app to start using the service. Almost all countries are supported to use PayPal and withdraw funds but at the moment, Nigerians are not yet authorized to use PayPal to receive and withdraw funds but just to buy stuffs online but there's a new way to do that which I will teach you guys on my next post so stay tuned or simply subcribe to my blog just scroll down this page you will see the subcribe option do that and you will receive a mail from my blog when I post every post. For other countries go ahead and register paypal normally. 

➡️CASH APP : Cash app is an American online app to receive payment and only dollar seems to be the only accepted currency. Cash app isn't available for all country in fact its not for most countries in the world it was designed mainly for English speaking countries like America, London and Canada. It also allows you to link a bank card and a bank account. But you can surely open a cash app account with the use of a VPN, just connect the VPN to a USA server and go to this site Official Cash App Link Here to register but the main issue is the card and bank account you have to link how are you going to get it. As for an American name and address you can get that on fakename generator site just simple search for that word on Google to get an American name and address for yourself.

➡️PAYONEER : Payoneer is another member of online apps to receive your online funds but payoneer service isn't completely free and you need to have a certain amount to request withdrawal I think you need at least 25$ on your account before you can withdraw and extra charges applies. Payoneer happen to be a good news as its almost a supported means of payment on whichever online site you work and all countries are qualified to use it as well as long as you can verify your account with your National Identity card and Birth certificate.

➡️WESTERN Union / MONEY GRAM : Western Union and money gram seems to be the same, you can access it on the web and app and in your local banks too you will definitely need to because to receive payment you need to provide your bank account details including it routing number, bank code and swift code. With this app, you can receive payment from any one from any country regardless of their Currencies it will work with your bank to convert the currency you wish to withdraw to your own country currency at the right rate no cheating anyone. It's so sad that from now on Google adsense and admob won't disburse payment through western union anymore the decision was just passed lately for those that work with Google advertising company please take note of this. Thank you.

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