Good beautiful Sunday Morning Everyone, let me also be the first human being to wish you a HAPPY SUNDAY 😊 you all welcome. Many of you must be asleep right now so when you wake up or probably when you done with today's jobs, come over here and read this. Today I will be telling you guys about banks in Nigeria and the ones you should have an account with. First let's start with WHAT IS A BANK? yeah I know the question sounds funny some of you would be like dude everyone knows that man but trust me not all of us do and not all of us know how to use banks. So a Bank is a commercial company, an institution or a firm where everyone [Citizens of a particular country and even non citizens] can deposit and lend money and properly handle their financial lives or aspect. For a bank to be set up, it must have certain huge amount of money as it capital to keep business running and with the stamp and authority of The Central Bank "The main head of banks in Nigeria" happens to be where Nigerian currencies / paper note are created. Now let's know what banking is about. Nevertheless, some see a bank as a safe and infact the most safe, protected and guaranteed place of storage for and retrieval of important items or goods. BANKING is the job, dealings or occupation of managing or working and rendering services to customers in a bank. Banking can be also said to be the management of commercial services with bank account owners in the country. Banks are not only know to keep money but other valuables as well. I mean valuables like Gold, Documents, jewelries, wills etc. Now to banks in Nigeria to open an account with.


1. ZENITH BANK : Zenith bank is a very good commercial bank that even offer special benefits to most people that often carry out several huge transactions with them and they also give Scholarships to students. Zenith bank has been in Nigeria for years I also don't know the correct year but sure has been long existing and it happens to be one of the best in Nigeria. And as at Now, Nigerians are given the opportunity to open a free account with them you don't need a dime it's a whole new 0.0k account and you can choose to register online or visit any of the bank branch just register with your BVN.

2. FIRST BANK : First bank happen to be the first bank in Nigeria as says it name I guess, this bank as been existing before our independence it was even created by the Europeans. It offers 100% safe guard of your money and properties, gives you insurance policies too, opening an account with them isn't actually free of cost and must be least 18 to open a real account don't get me wrong Under 18s can open an an account but will definitely have limited amount of money to be available in their bank accounts.

3. UBA BANK : UBA bank is a commercial bank owned by an individual, seriously I really think its wrong for an individual to own such company let alone be allowed to run millions of not billions asset and huge sum of money. Maybe am probably wrong too or thinking Childish about this. Well Trust me UBA is a registered commercial bank it has the full authority of the country so your properties and money are in good hands and insured. This bank is so interested in the youths of this country as it also offers cool benefits from time to time like if you guys can remember when UBA bank newly signed WIZKID [ Nigerian Music Superstar] as an ambassador of the bank, the bank gave the sum of 10, 000 in 1-2 months in a role to each and everyone that creates a new account with them it was such a sweet offer but it's so sad I missed it 😂.

4. FCMB BANK : Fcmb bank alos a Nigerian commercial bank and full meaning to be First City Monument Bank abbreviation word for Fcmb. This bank has it various bank in almost every states, region and capital cities in the country. I happen to have an account with them as well I enjoy stuffs like Western Union, Money Gram and interest at the end of the month. You should go register with them.

5. ACCESS BANK : Access bank is a government owned and controlled company, customers are given benefits for banking with them but lately, Acess bank seems to have done some people wrong, I heard about 3 months ago they increased their monthly charges for Atm use, sms messages, and online transactions you carry out imagine In a month you get debited of 30k - 50k just for this silly charges certainly not fair but now I think its been fixed as Federal Government as passed a law that transactions should now be 10.50 per transaction charges I mean. Acesss bank is also a bank I use I haven't really been using and carrying out transactions with them for the past 2 years now. Well you guys most know its one of the best bank in Nigeria and has the stamp of central bank so your free and safe to partner with them.


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