Am here again to leak this amazing thing to website and blog owners that have sweet articles but have no sweet pictures to use or match the article you wrote and about to publish.. We all know that several professional blog/sites owners are so stingy that they added copyright batch to all their pictures which can't be usable anymore in another site/blogs especially those seeking the approval of adsense ads on their websites and blogs as Adsense is a strict advertising and marketing company that takes copyright issues seriously.. Well Fear no more have brought you guys a solution..

In this post you will learn where to download images/pictures that would match your articles and you can use for free and without any copyright issue on it.. Its totally free and even supported for use by Google.. Now let's step down to this sites:

1. PEXELS: Pexels is a website with billions of images/pictures with totally free policy to anyone.. The images are in HD (so fucking clear) as most of them are taken with drones. They have the best free Photos contributed by qualified trained photographers.. Pexels also have videos you can use for free on websites like YouTube, vimeo and other video advertising company without fear of not getting your videos monetized.. Why are they offering free photos and videos? Well we all know humans love to have everything free so by visiting pexels website and download their photos and videos they earn money and you get want you want as well.. Everyone is happy!..visit Here to use this photos for free now.

2. STOCK SNAP: Here as well, there is varieties of free beautiful photos to download and use without any copyright information and claims on them.. Photos are in high quality and high resolution. You can as well share any of this pictures on any social media platform.. Another sweet thing is that you don't have to create an account to use and download their photos.. Just go to the site,search for the photo/video type you want and then select the best that match your contents.. Absolutely easy and free!!.. Visit Here now  to start using this images for free now..

3. LIBRE STOCK: Also related to pexels, there is millions of available free high HD photos in Libre Stock without copyright restrictions.. I know some of you might be thinking won't alot of people using this photos be prohibited by adsense and other advertising company cause many of you would be using them now and it will be so obvious to Google.. Well its 100% free whichever photo you use and wherever you use it..
Visit This link to download and use this photos/videos now..

4.  SHUTTER STOCK: Shutter stock got thousands of images uploaded to their website per months. They've got beautiful collections and high HD images for everyone.. Customers on SHUTTER STOCK can as well earn money when they buy prices of images and then get commissions from them.. This free stock photo sites can be used anywhere in the world it is open for commercial use as well..
Visit Here to learn more and get to use this free beautiful photos..

5. UNSPLASH: Unsplash is also a free royalty premium HD images stock as there is availability of millions of free HD images for use in this site as well and no need creating an account with them to make use of their pictures nor purchasing a plan to use this images..
Visit This link to start downloading this free royalty HD images for use now..



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