HELLO people welcome to this new category, Social networking category. It's still a sunny day right here in Nigeria I hope Nigerians are enjoying their day and to the rest of the world I don't have a clue what time it is in your various countries but I do hope you are experiencing greatness and enjoying your time. Today I would want us to look into social networks as I will be telling you guys the hottest, most ranking and growing social media networks in the world right now.. Before I proceed to that, I do believe we all know what The Socia Media is, what it's used for and how to use it.Not minding your answers, I will love to tell you what Socia media networks is and all about.

The Socia Media Networks are online interaction platforms can be explained in different ways ;
➡️A web interface that allows people to post and share messages and interact.Social Networks also allows groups and relationships of several strangers to be formed by several means such as interests, mutual friends or common activities.

➡️Social Networks allows the use of Internet communities to network and communicate using shared interests, related skills, or geographical location between consumers and businesses.

➡️It can be also said to be the interaction between a group of people who share a common interest. "layman's defination".

➡️Socia media networks are network of personal or business contacts, especially as facilitated by social networking on the Internet.

➡️This is a definition of social media I recommend, it's a website allowing users to manage and interact with their network of friends or contacts..Social media networks also hells us to connect to our favorite celebrities in the world, we get to see official pictures, videos and locations directly from them.


1. INSTAGRAM : This is a pretty cool social networking app available for everyone around the globe. It is free to use. AccountS on INSTAGRAM is in two different ways [Indidividual and Business accounts] individual accounts for personal use and Business account for business u know for the classed people in the society Instagram indicates their accounts with a blue tick it's a sign of a public figure's account. it closely link us to our favorite celebrities in the world by following their business page .It's now the most used and most trending social media networks in the world now.

2. TIKTOK: Tiktok is a newly created social network its mostly for posting short videos which alot of people use today for comedy skit. It was created by a Chinese but commonly used by Indians [the official record of country commonly using Tiktok] I guess they really love it. Trust me I have never used this app probably because I don't like it or probably I think it's childish and shitty. As at late 2019 ,there was a plan to end Tiktok because of the misuse by some people well I don't know if its now been deleted or not. Well TIKTOK is also a growing and trending socia media network in the world now.

3. FACEBOOK : Wow Facebook happens to be the grandfather of all socia media networks as it has been in existence for a very long time. Facebook is really old but the CEO is really creative for it to be among the trending social media networks.. Facebook from start owner and still the only owner is Mark Zuckerberg. With Facebook you can chat, share post,, share videos, watch videos, play games, earn money and other interesting stuffs. FACEBOOK is still among the hottest and trending socia network.

4. TWITTER : Yeah pretty much, Twitter is also as old has Facebook don't know which is older though but it is. Twitter is so cool to use it has several exciting features especially to start a trend with. Billions of people in the world uses twitter its so shocking to have it still trending as one of the hottest social network in the world.

5. SNAP CHAT : Snap chat also a trending social networking app mostly used by girls probably because of it photo and selfie features.. Believe I don't get to know about Snap Chat until after 2 years after it release I have no interest in this social network.. Well its among the trending social media network in the world.

6. WHATSAPP : Pretty cool for instant messaging, WhatsApp is now been controlled by Mark Zuckerberg " Founder and Owner of Facebook" bought at 90 billion dollars I guess. WhatsApp is also cool to use but it works with adding phone numbers of the people you wish to chat with or belonging to a particular group there are no searching for friends, pages or videos just like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and twitter.. I enjoy using WhatsApp myself.



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  2. After reading this post, I think I should be more socially active. Thank s for information


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