I would hurriedly make this quick, I wanna just talk about how I faced the issue of my hp laptop [Pavilion g6 series] that failed to turn on all of a sudden, this was what happened, I was charging the laptop and at the same time playing a sport video game most of us know to be called Pes. While playing and meanwhile the laptop was also connected to a Bluetooth speaker it just shockingly went off, it wasn't out of power, plugged the charger in, it didn't charge it, it didn't turn on at all even despite the repeated pressing of the power button, I experience this issue for some days I was really in pains because throughout that week I needed it badly and I got no money to repair it nor is the laptop on warranty. So I felt finished!.

Just after that day I decided to let it rest certainly due to the furious heat from the pc especially the cooler space sides. Having let it rest for that day, it refused to turn on again the following day now this time I knew this is getting real my pc is really damaged. So after some couple of YouTube videos I watched, I knew some steps to take to bring my laptop back to life so I did this which is what I want y'all to know.


1. REMOVE THE BATTERY : The immediate thing I did was removed the battery, if you are using a pc with a non removable battery, you are going to have to unscrew some part that hold the battery to get it out. 
2. TEST YOUR CHARGER AND BATTERY : you need to test if your charger is working to do that, use another battery for the pc and trying turning it on, if it turns on then your battery isn't the problem and for the charger use another charger for the pc if it shows the charging light then ur charger is faulty but if not then both are fine. Let's proceed 
3. DISCHARGE THE POWER IN THE COMPUTER : to do this, which simply means to empty the available power on the pc itself, you need to remove the battery and hold the power button for about 30 - 35 secs this will discharge all fake power in it. Now try inserting everything again and turn it on if it turns on "cool". Do this repeatedly it should work this time. 
NOTE : IF IT DOESN'T WORK, LEAVE IT FOR SOME DAYS PROBABLY 2 - 3 DAYS, Mine turned on the third day. 

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