An almost everytime occurring problem that many of us must have faced, some are presently facing it some are yet to face it but you might, electronics can break down anytime.

Read carefully, this is how I fixed my hp laptop that turned but displayed nothing also otherwise called Black screen. I want you guys to know the first repairing process for every laptop repair, its just by disconnecting the battery, press and hold the power button for 20 sec or more. Every laptop repair workshop do this and even the company for the particular laptop brand. 


1. RESEATING OR EXCHANGING THE MEMORY MODULES : now we getting deeper, it's certainly that one of your PC ram is faulty and needs to be replaced or simply cleaned. To do this now you need to access the inside component not the inner layer, so just flip your computer backward and unscrew the back cover, you will see your RAM [Read Access Memory] many laptops happen to have two of that some have one though, so gently take out the ram yiu should gently unpin it first, now take out the two memory and clean softly with a dry cotton cloth or handkerchief. Having done that, only reinsert one of the ram, no need screwing the laptop cover back, just insert your charger and try turn it on if it works, Great, if it doesn't then unplug ur charger and switch the ram, insert the second one, do this continuously with the two ram spaces too. If the screen is still black or displays nothing, do this 

2. FORMAT THE BIOS : This tends to erase and restart the bios system of the laptop, with this the issue should be resolved. Do this by holding window key [the four corner pc default key] together with "B" while holding both, press and hold power button all together for about 3 secs then release only power button still keep other the other two till your screen displays something. If this does not work,

3. FORCE FORMAT THE PC : here we need to go to the inside component and disconnect the CMOS battery [it's some kind of flat battery, some gray in colour]. Remember your battery and charger should never the connected if you don't want to rubbish, spoil things and even explode. While the CMOS battery is out, hold the power button again for at least 25secs it will erase the activities on the pc and now connect the CMOS battery again, connect only ur charger and perform step 2 again, this should perfectly work.

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4. For stubborn or dead laptop cells, you need to revive it my heating the System a little bit, the process is going to need a towel, a really thick towel, now fold the towel place it flat on the floor, put the pc right on it just ensure it covers the Air spaces and the remaining part of the towel, use it to cover the keypad so this way there would be intense heat now insert your charger only, turn the pc on normally and then quickly bend / bring down the face that obviously carries the screen like you want to cover it, leave it like that for about 20mins to heat up the system. After 20mins,open the pc, remove the towel or rag then if it's off, turn it on by holding the power button only for 3secs this should automatically bring back display on your screen, if it's still on, just turn it off by also holding power button for some seconds and quickly release ur hand and immediately again holding the power button for 3 secs to turn it on.. Display should be back..


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