OK this rushed into my mind I know how costly buying data on Nigeria is and even recharging your line, I mean many of us load a small amount of airtime and sometimes try to find some kind of doubler trick or whatever to get twice or trice the airtime you just loaded. In this post I will show you several working plans remember they are all tested and confirmed by me the admin of this blog so pls don't underate it, Thanks. Something more loving about this is that you don't need any special trick nor a vpn, nor an upgrade of your sim to use any of this cheap plans but just via a simple USSD. I don't want to beat around the bush will hit the nail on the head, now pay attention it's simple to activate any of the below plans anyway. 

Important 👉 Kindly note that all of this plans are still going and valid, I use them everytime so don't say it's a scam or just a waste of time 


This isn't actually a cheat would seems so for some people anyway because they might not qualify for this but trust me almost every mtn sim is qualified for this offer but first let's see the requirements 

▪️MTN SIM or SIMS ur choice. 

▪️ANY PHONE as we will be dealing with only ussd code so there's no specific device to use. 

▪️and of course #200 airtime, if not available go purchase one. 

Now to activating this plan, just dial this simple ussd code *121# and select Data4me or Topdeals4me depending on what your sim showcase and finally select the 1GB FOR #200 you will see other plan options if they suite you go ahead and subcribe. 

NOTE : This data is only valid for one week. Enjoy! 

MTN CHEAPEST AIRTIME PLANS [ with #100 GET #500 and with #200 GET #1000] 

Wow this is superb and great, many will subcribe to this certainly the ladies that love to call now you would have enough airtime at cheap price. So the requirements for this is same as the first plan, activate it with *121# o as well and select Recharge4me then pick whichever plan that's best for you and your money can buy. 

NOTE : This plan is valid for 3days. 

MTN CHEAPEST AIRTIME AND DATA PLAN TOGETHER [ with #100 GET #300 and 100mb to browse, with #150 GET #450 and 150mb to browse] 

This is likewise a sweet subcription as you both get airtime and data for one price. Let's see how to buy this sweet plan though seem small but remember it carries data and you know data is really expensive mostly that of MTN. The requirements are same, use *121# again and select Combo4me and lastly purchase your choice as you see it . Not every sim seems to given access to this plan but you can always try, sometimes it goes and later you have it. 

NOTE : Usable in 3days of purchase only. 

MTN BEST CHEAPEST DEAL DATA [ #300 GET 1.5GB] valid 7days

Am not going to lie about this plan its been a month I haven't subcribed to it but believe me its real and working I have used it many times, it even my best plan when you guys buy the normal 1gig for 1000 though for a month but it won't last me even 5days so why not just purchase the 1. 5gig with a little amount for duration of 7days it's favours me better at least I get to exhaust it in 4 - 5days let's be smart guys this network wants to fuck with us and our money. Let me drop the whole story abeg so now, purchase this via *121# select Data4me or top deals4me should be under of that, if you can find this plan there, try *567# instead. This plan isn't for most sims, presently, one of my sim is no longer allowed to subcribe to it so am doing the 1gig plan above.

NOTE : Plan ends in 7days you will surely exhaust it before then. Enjoy! 

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