This happen to be one of the most asked question on the internet right now "WHY IS MY BLOGGER WEBSITE NOT SHOWING THUMBNAIL ON MY FRONT PAGE?". Thanks to Google Question and Answer Hub for the great opportunity to finanly answer this question. 

It's no doubt that some blogs you visit especially a beginners blog hosting like blogspot to have been experiencing this and to confess I have experienced this as well. There are just few things that intend to cause this which is what I would be explaining in this article and also how to fix thumbnail problem. I strongly advise you read this from the very beginning don't just jump to the heading of how to fix the issue but know the cause too so you can help others and not make the mistake again.

WHAT CAUSED THE THUMBNAIL FAILURE? the very things you should take note of in this case are your 

◾Internet Connection, sometimes a bad or slow internet service might cause a page not to load all its content properly this includes the thumbnail and embedded html codes in such page.

SOLUTION : Check and set up your connection to the fastest and you can also try opening your blog page on another different browser or a different device. 

◾Another likely occurring problem is your Template, in fact this seems to be the main cause of thumbnails display failure on a website, you must have used a really heavy and strong theme that's not for your Niche, imagine using a technology or design template on blog with Educational, Health care and Entertainment articles there will obviously be a crash. Irrelevant changing of templates can slow down display, the biggest problem is when you switch from a regular blogger template to an AMP template. 

SOLUTION : Download or buy templates designed for your Niche and reduce the amount to html code you add. 

◾Another likely issue is the QUALITY OF PICTURE UPLOADED, I believe we know that there various quality of images in terms of High, Medium and low quality. so always use high quality pictures for your blogs.

SOLUTION : use high quality images, you can download from pexels, pixabay and other copyright free photo albums website. 

◾TYPE OF BROWSER, the choice of browser you use here might affect the thumbnail from displaying also, using low end browsers like Opera mini [Old versions], setting up your browser to lite mode which saves and reduces data or probably enabling the reduce image quality option so in the case a low quality image is seriously affected here. 

SOLUTION : Update your browser to the latest version, use browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. And finally unable reduce image quality option in the settings of your browser. 

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