This is some high level military service for you, its about your privacy it shouldn't be exposed to anyone especially while you use the net. Am going to teach you this 3 in 1 service which you will activate on your browser, the first is just a simple task it involves changing the search portal you use, the following one is some override instruction, the last but not least and tends to be very useful is cutting out any kind of tracks from sites. Let's see the full description and how to turn and set up this service.

Before you can be able to do any of this, you must certainly have or should right now download hot recommended browsers if you have no idea of which, see this RECOMMENDED BEST BROWSERS ASIDE CHROME

SWITCHING SEARCH ENGINES : changing to another search panel like i said above is easy just locate settings of your browser and at the top of pop-up page, select select search engine and you will see various search worlds you can use e.g duckduckgo, yahoo, bing and if at all you are not using the default search "Google" switch to it as well. Look at the image explanation below 

FORCEFULLY ZOOM ON ANY WEBSITE : yes many will love this you know there are some website you would be on and it won't allow you to zoom in by default I mean the normal smartphone zoom in slight dragging the screen with your two fingers but it work work on some websites to make it happen you need to override such sites and to do that you need to turn on forcefully zoom in feature. See image for more details 👇

PREVENT TRACKING WHILE SURFING : You must check this out and do it asap, with this turned on no internet master will track you on any website you are in or lure you into unsafe browsing. This also prevents the collection of your browsing data like cookies and cache and not acceptable advertisements. Image details 👇



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