You must think this can never be available or not yet available around the world, hmm I won't argue with you it's almost impossible but yes there's a close way to contact with various state governors, presidents and other individuals in government and even when you won't be contacting them you can always see updates about what they do everyday, what they say, where they intend to travel to and when they will be back from travel and other news you think of all will be shown to you on this websites. Note that it's not actually built to be accessed via browsers but apps we call them social apps many of us use them some might not know you can use this social apps to message your governing bodies and celebrities around the world not just a particular governor in Nigeria and this social apps are free and keep in mind that there are just 3 of this social apps commonly used by this set of people you intend to contact, they are FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. Now this question should pop up in your mind now " HOW DO I FIND THE PARTICULAR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ON THIS APPS, WHAT IS THEIR USERNAME OR SO?

Finding celebrities and government officials on social apps are really so easy than you think because this so called apps dropped an identification mark on each and every profile of this people for others to search and find them instantly. If you notice that some handle on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have some kind of blue circle with a mark on it, it simply means that particular profile or handle is verified and the rightful owner of that individual too. So to find your favorite celebrity, governor or president of your country you are going to have to search their names on this 3 social platforms always first try their full names if you see the blue tick with any of it then that's exactly the person you wish to contact. To contact them you must first follow them and finally click on the message icon option a new page will appear for you to type your message to them.

#NOTE : If you can't find them by full names at all, try using the nick name that made them popular this very applies to celebrities. You should also know that not all of them are verified but check for the profile with the highest followers it tends to be the real person.

To get daily news updates from this important individuals you just have to make sure you subcribe to any local news stations and international news stations and also visit their websites from time to time you can try listening to radios sometimes. 

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