HELLO Friends, Welcome! I want to drop the full gist of eskimi business and how you can earn from it provided you have a website or blog. Eskimi business offers is in twos : Advertisers and Publishers, being an advertisers, you can promote your own business too by setting up a campaign on eskimi and in reward for that advertisers get the desire real leads just like other ads companies. Being a publisher you choose to be eskimi's partner and permit many of its advertisers market on your own business. I want to believe e eryone understands this in way publishers get paid are eskimi ads are really good I have seen it couple of times on different sites. 

One thing you should know not everyone is eligible and eskimi didn't drop a registration portal for those that wish to do this stuff am talking about but I will tell you how to register, just make sure you set up your blog well and have reasonable views per day from real people that spend time on ur site]. 


TO be a partner with eskimi, you need to go to their OFFICIAL BUSINESS CONTACT PAGE, its actually a contact eskimi portal yes that's the only way to do the registration and what are you going to send? You are to enter your names [ First and last name], valid email address that is the easiest part the main part which you should watch out well for and provide well is the main message you are about to direct to them telling them your interest in being a partner. Here is a very good message to send, make sure to edit the proper places like your url, when done you can then send or submit. 


Hi there, pls I want to monetize my website with eskimi ads, my website link "enter your website url here". 

All my post are unique and written by me no copyright claims and I do get [indicate your amount of views] views per day.. So am pleading to Eskimi Team to pls grant my wish and approve my website. Thanks 

Just do this appropriately and in some days eskimi will reply you will a yes or sorry message.

#NOTE : Something else you can try is send a direct mail to Eskimi.. Eskimi's email address [ [email protected]]


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