This as to do with a website or blog, By Domain development we are talking about the project to the growth and upbringing of a system map, identifier of a particular realm and entrance to a special source. You can equally say this to be a straight definition of a domain in terms of website design. We know what a domain is and its development, let's have a knowledge of what a website is, A website is the registered page of a company or individual business live on the Global Internet that can be in form of blogs too, Blogs are also live on the internet just like the website but they have lots of written published articles owned and controlled by an admin the initial and genuine processor, mind you blogs gives room for participants to assist to the development and update of a particular blog but by the approval of the admin. So without much thinking further, an Active Website is one whose domain name and hosting still operates from time to time, this domain and hosting are actually being bought it makes websites look professional. 

In conclusion, the development of domains to an active website ;

1. Makes website available to targeted users especially when such website has what visitors request for. 

2. Most importantly, it ranks such active websites because its always online and found useful to multitudes. 

3. For your domain to be developing your website, you have to make sure it's has a short reasonable name don't ever use long names for your domain and make sure it's corresponds to what your website or blog is all about. 

4. Development of domain to an active website prepares such a website to be able to generate favourable revenues for the owner(s). 

5.Try not to depend on a free domain or free sub domains but purchase a good admirable domain you will find many cheap of it on sites like Godaddy, hostinger, namecheap, blue host, etc. 

6. Never allow your domain subcription expire make sure it's set to auto renew payment so your website won't get disconnected on the Global web. 

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