Hmmm this is another meaningful and worth to know about question, as a matter of fact a guy on Facebook drawled my attention to this and I promised him answers to his question with enough reasons and prove which is going to be the field here today. 

The answer to this actually a yes and at the same time a no so it varies here depending on what you want and what you will get from applying pictures or not applying it. For the Yes part, it's very important to add pictures to your blog post I mean per page of what you are telling your viewers about, take a good think about it yourself as a visitor to a particular website and you see a post like "Check to see the most expensive cars or people in the world" with this title you surely know you need a picture not just anyone but the best for that title. if you add pictures it a big chance to lure more people to visit your blog pages so just ensure you use admiring and eye catching pictures you can get many of them with no watermarks and copyright claims HERE. Availability of pictures on pages enhance beauty and seo optimization of your page on the web. 

For the No part, Pictures sometimes aren't necessary on blog posts but be wise it's not for all kind of post yes I know some titles don't require pictures for example " Check out some IDIOMS and their meanings" you surely know you don't need this and if at all you want to add one, you can write IDIOMS and it's meaning on a blank wallpaper and upload it so do this for relating contents like this. Another reason I won't even suggest using pictures is not having the matching or no available pictures for a particular content so to avoid ruining that work just use it like that, and this occurs too, pictures aren't necessary so you won't violate DCMA rules which says no use of other website work on yours without granted permission. 

#NOTE : USING OF PICTURES IS IMPORTANT AND ALSO NOT IMPORTANT. I hope you comprehend to my write ups. 

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