Finding a way to install files that ought to be apk but Downloads in XAPK format and don't know how, just pay attention here you will learn how to right here and please comment how it helped you, Thanks.

What you should know is XAPK files are just zipper files which you will need to open with apps like Rarlab, winrar, zip unlocker and relating file fornat unlockers. This happened to me when I newly downloaded this popular game "FIFA 2019" which is a very large file and just can't be installed directly except been broken down in bits it's only through appstores and Google pay you can have the real apk installed on your phone no need extracting to some folder or the other. After downloading the game here's what I did pls follow up

RENAME TO ZIP : very first thing to do is to rename from xapk to dot zip never forget this, this is the beginning stage to the success of having such app installed on your device. 

INSTALL RAR : A file opener tool, you will find it anywhere on the internet it's potable to Download as its not even up to 20mb you can go for lesser size they will do the same work perfectly. Having installed RAR, open it and through it, locate your phone storage or if you Downloaded the game to your SD card storage locate it and go straight to where the XAPK file is upon sighting it, tap to open, while it's opened, you will see real apk files in it you might be asking yourself which should I install because some do have two to three apk in them what you need to do is first copy all the apk files as seen to a new directory, remember I said copy not move. Then 

INSTALL SPLIT APK INSTALLER : what this app does is combining of several same related apk files together regardless of their sizes, also with this app, locate your file storage and reach out to where you moved the apk files mark and select them and lastly hit install to install the app after successful installation, don't open the app yet you have to move the game data file to your phone storage android directory to do this, go back to rar and move the remaining files you see there except the apks to this pattern of your phone main storage, Android ↔️ Data ↔️ then create a new folder of the game lineage you can Google search that for your suppose game but for GTA it's com.rockstargames.dl or so. After getting and adding the folder for the real lineage, paste the game data in it. That's all. Go to your phone main menu and open the installed game it will play perfectly no report of invalid file and no report of u need the game or download the game file here. 

Download for android devices SPLIT APP HERE


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