Mobile data in Nigeria is expensive and at the same time doesn't last long let's say you buy a data to use all of February but getting to the middle of it, it get exhausted which gets me myself so walked up about it you might not have actually used the data that much but because some background application are secretly consuming your hard earned data, this background apps can sometimes be system apps because most of us don't put our mind to it but they eat data too the issue of apps eating up your data is caused when you set up the app to automatically open on phone start up or part of the permissions of affected apps is to always be open even though you do not touch it at all in that case there's a clear explanation that with the running of the background apps it consumes your data. What I will be telling you now is how to restrict apps generally from using your mobile data when not authorise to do so, here's what to do ;

1. Turn off your data connection, reboot your device and check if any apps is running, you can do that by launching the settings of your device, select apps and check if any app is running that's not suppose to, stop it immediately before switching on your data.

2. Turn off the permission for any apps that's eating up your mobile data of its not suppose to. 

3. Always use cache cleaner and clear background apps after done with what you are doing on the device before you lock and drop it.

4. If you spot the app exhausting your data and it seems unnecessary just go straight and uninstall i think that's the best option.

5. Set up warning of running background apps so you can just kill it immediately. 

6. And lastly, activate remind of data consumption per estimated amount you set it too there's the app for that and use speed metres to be able to see and track the speed of your internet, the more the speed the more you should know your data is been consumed. 

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