Every place you reach on the internet let it be known to you that some of your informations and data are been collected even Google accepts cookies and your location to serve you better and so do every website but some just collect more informations from their users like emails, full name, password, credit card and others. 
Customers datas collected on the web by web owners are used to provide the necessary service users want in order of advertisements, products, games, and other answers to what you want on the web. Another crucial part of what website owners use with customers data is tracking, maybe you don't know that everytime you are browsing with any device, anywhere in the world, you are being tracked especially by Google. They also use search and web analytics to figure out if you are a robot or not. Users data on websites are used to promote the website itself, get users feedback on what they offer them, and customers data are used to spot or where they find the site they visit so they can focus more on it and trust it. 
Advertisers do this alot, they gather data of their customers to know what they are interested in. 

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