I just got this question from some friends of mine trying to build their own website I would like the rest of you to understand this too because sooner or later we are all going to have our own personal or business website or blogs. Let me start it this way, the first real question should actually be how do I start a website and launch it live so everyone around the globe can access it, to begin a website, you need a hosting, a domain [ custom or sub domain], ssl certificate [ not very necessary that's if you won't be collecting sensitive information from your visitors like passwords, credit or debit card details, emails and other important information. You can get all of this at cheap price and even start it for free with Blogger or WordPress I think I would drop a full guide on how to build a professional website for beginners soon so stay tuned you can always remind me about it. If you have all of this I mentioned and you are very sure the domain is connected to your website hosting then congratulations your website ready and is live on the Internet. 


if you are still experiencing difficulties with your website, like it's not ready yet, it's not on the internet, it's not reachable, these are things that might be occurring and solutions to fix it ;

◾The domain url you always try to open is wrongly written which is why I recommend you use short and easy to remember names for your websites. 

◾You haven't set up your hosting of you are using free hosting service on blogspot then you try publishing one post and arrange your blog properly. 

◾Your domain is not yet successfully purchased if you think you already bought it check again to see if it's assigned to you. 

◾You haven't set up DNS records on the newly bought domain, the dns are the special numbers that is used to direct your website to a particular sub domain e.g on blogger, if you get a sub domain like then you need to get the dns number and add them to the cname records of your custom domain maybe 

◾You haven't turned on automatically redirect to the new site address go to your hosting just the exact place you joined the two urls you have to turn redirect too so that when visitors visit the old address, the internet will lead them straight to the new address just by itself. 

After doing all of this then your website is ready go check on a fresh browser tab it would load perfectly. 

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