The popular instant messaging app "WhatsApp Messenger" seems to be one of the most used in the African world, the more upgrade added to the app gives more information, terms and conditions and something more fun to make it users enjoy it. I don't know if you have heard this before, another form of whatsapp I like to call unofficial whatsapp there seem to be many of them now but I clearly know about two am presently using one though, the first I know is GBWhatsApp and then YO WhatsApp they have even more better features than the official one but its mostly used by highly educated people in the tech field. 

Let's see Some of this stuff am talking about ;

1. TWO STEP VERIFICATION : Both official and unofficial whatsapp allow you to set this up, where you won't lost access to your account and someone else won't be able to use your account just by setting a secret pin for it. 

2. CHANGING OF NUMBER : The old versions don't have this, you can now be able to change the phone number of your whatsapp account no need to log out or delete and reinstall whatsapp again. To be more sweet you also can change to another country's number for example using a Nigerian phone number you can switch to a USA phone number easily as long as you have access to that phone number. To get a free USA phone number Click Here

3. LIMIT PEOPLE TO ADD YOU TO GROUPS, SEE YOUR POST and SEE YOU ONLINE : This is actually part of the series of features that made me move to the unofficial whatsapp, you can't turn on this on the official one. A short description of what you enjoy here is people won't add you to group without your permission anymore, you would see people online but they won't know you are online and you can set who would see your post too. 

4. ALLOW CONTACT ONLINE TOAST : pretty interesting feature, after turning this on whoever of your contact that just show up online you would be notified, it will be displayed at the top of your phone a little blurry like that. So if you are using the newest version of any of the unofficial whatsapp then congrats because it's been set automatically. 

5. USE OF THEMES : unofficial whatsapp users enjoys this as well, variety of premium themes will be available for you all you have to do is download your choice of theme, it will be load up itself.

6. CHOOSE WHO CAN CALL YOU : With this, you can pick those that are only allowed to call you or simply don't allow any calls from anyone. Sorry again this is only on the unofficial whatsapp.

7. AIRPLANE MODE : We all know what airplane mode does, it restricts all kinds of internet connection so here on GBWhatsApp you can set this up too it doesn't matter if your data is on you won't still get message and you would be offline to everyone. The simple thing is your whatsapp won't be connected to the internet.

8. SEPERATE ROWS FOR CALLS, CHATS, STATUS and GROUPS : as you can see in the image above, with this action, there's no section in all your whatsapp departments in 3 rows anymore like the previous versions and the official whatsapp.

9. RANDOM NUMBER MESSAGING : I often like to use this, I don't need to add strange people which I really need to message to my phone contact any longer, I can just copy and paste their numbers in the message a number section but note, such number must be a valid whatsapp number. This is enjoyed by GBWhatsApp users. 

10. LOCK WHATSAPP ACCOUNT : with this action, you can choose to enable a lock for your account with either a pin, password or fingerprints and its for a particular duration I set mine to lock every 1 minutes. For fingerprint, your phone type matters. This is available for all kind of WhatsApp version. 

11. ANTI - DELETE MESSAGES AND STATUS : if you are very noticeable you would be aware that some of your contact do delete some of their already sent messages in your own inbox well Good news, if they do that now, with this action turned on, it won't be deleted anymore for you but for them alone. 

NOTE : If you wish to move to the unofficial whatsapp and you have thoughts like How will I transfer my data, chat history and others?, then you have no cause to worry, just download GBWhatsApp and enter the desired phone number you are currently using and then below it you find a tag that says "Copy WhatsApp Data" click on it and finally register. 


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