I have received several messages from my Subcribers on Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter and some other social media about teaching them how to personally give approbation to comments from different people even so they won't spam their blogs or forcefully drop a comment of their own website page. To everyone that contacted me about this, thanks and am glad to help you will that there are actually two ways to avoid spam comments on each blog page, in this article I will take my time to explain how to do this you can by choice even activate this two ways on your blog to prevent spamming on your comment box. 

1. One sure way of preventing spam comments on your blog comment box is simply by actuating recaptcha, if we come across something like check this box and prove you are not a robot on some site you will then understand this, the recaptcha option is to only prove that a person about to perform an action on a particular blog or website is not a robot but a human being. So to actuate this on Blogger, go to home dashboard and select settings, scroll down and look for comment moderation and choose always. 

2. This is a serious work because with this option, no matter the amount and times a person or robot comment on your blog it won't show until you approve it yourself, remember only the admin get to assign this feature. Approbate this at the settings of blogger also under comment section. 

NOTE : With the number one way to prevent the spam comment as dropped above, let it be known to you that if user prove to be human, the comment of such will be published on your blog post that's if you are only using this way. So I will advise you activate both ways or just the number two. 

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