As a result of the terrible news in the country at the moment its been a little hard for me to compose stuffs to publish but I won't loose focus in reaching out to my audience I love you guys!.. I say every dead soul to rest in perfect peace, may you all not die in vain and the rest of us will live to enjoy this country of ours. Now back to the topic " Cancelling of phone number connected to social apps", by the word cancel here u believe you guys actually mean removing your linked phone numbers to any social app or site which I would tutor you on how to do this today. Keep following me line by line you would know how to do this. I want to bring to your notice that not all social apps actually require linking of your phone numbers so I would advise reading the terms and Conditions for each apps you feel has your number so you won't just be wasting your time thinking and disturbing yourself trying to remove your number from such apps. Here is a list of apps that collects your number below ;



▪️WhatsApp [ the primary registration is your number]


▪️Wechat and many others like that. It's very true that most social apps and sites collects your phone numbers for easy access to your account and for two factor verification when you loose your password. But for this same reason, some of us feel its now unsafe to drop your numbers and desperatey want to remove it from the social app system it's a simple thing to do, just launch the app, forward to settings and check under account or privacy you would see the phone number you linked click on it to remove them [ incase you added one or more] but note you must surely have another means to your social account either you add another unserious number or an email to be able to keep you updated and reaching out to your account.

#NOTE : Some apps might require an otp or some kind of confirmation code for the removal.


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