One out of the most reason that makes people go into social networking sites nowadays is the money they can get from it, all celebrities make money from social apps like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook but you don't have to be a celebrity to start earning from social media what you have to do is create an account for each of this apps I mentioned above they are the best most paying social apps in the world, if you already have an account with any just convert it to a business account under settings and start a business with it, if you are a blogger, entertainer, fashion designer, into beauty and body care, artiste, web developer and many other business just indicate it on your profile and do some advertising too, a very must do contribution to earning on social media is to have a particular website in the area of your work where you will drop your everyday product you selling or intend to sell out to the public. Most importantly you must have lots of followers and the interest of people to your business because the more of this, the more you grow and earn, ensure you inform this social media teams to verify your business account so people looking forward to your business can locate you easily. I will tell you how you earn from each of this social networking sites, let's start one by one
1. WHATSAPP : this earning system with whatsapp started after Mark Zuckerberg bought whatsapp from the first owner, he immediately made a business whatsapp, so download business whatsapp and enter your business information and payment info too. How it works with business whatsapp is via your post on your story, when you upload pictures and videos and you have lots of viewers you earn, right now in Nigeria I don't know about other countries, per view cost 1 naira so imagine having 1000 views a day then you earn 1000 naira. 
2. FACEBOOK : To start making with your Facebook account first you need to create a Facebook page and set up adverts with Facebook ads it will help you take your business to the right customers. Another way is to convert your Facebook page to an app and monetize it with admob ads. 
3. YouTube : YouTube is the highest paying online business now, it's just requires uploading of videos if you can go for movies too its all good, viewers and Subcribers really matter in every business. But to start earning with YouTube you need to get 4000 watch hours time and 1000 Subcribers that's just the first stage to qualify for YouTube earnings. 
4. INSTAGRAM : Same thing applies here just like Facebook, you need followers and members interest in your work together with a website don't forget, people like Davido, wizkid, Chris brown, C. Ronaldo and Other world wide celebrities you know of earn from here alot. If you can't meet this I have a way for you Nigerians, If you are from Nigeria and you have an Instagram account you can be earning 200-500 naira and more everyday just by liking pictures or videos on Instagram.

 This platform is so much similar to old viral trend But the advantages of this one; you don't have to comment or follow anybody. You only likes pictures and get paid. Each likes fetch you 28-50 naira, And you earn 100 naira for each referrals.To join the platform is free, minimum cash out is 200 naira to any Nigeria bank account. REGISTER NOW to start earning with your likes. 

Feel free to ask me any questions.. HAPPY EARNING! 


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