I don't know if most people even know what proxy itself is, I will tell you briefly, Proxy is like a server channel to give you gateway for a another server, proxy is more or like acting on behalf of another website. I. P stands for INTERNET PROTOCOL in terms of web services it's the address signed to every mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets as their recognition so when browsing the internet, your IP is been detected by this action there is possibilities that they will be limits to places you can reach on the web to avoid spamming. So about why you are caught on IP PROXY is because you are not opening a website with the direct url or your browser type has long been blacklisted and by the way doing this might be seen as planning to steal something on the internet which is not available for anyone or your country so do it anyway with a VPN or by a proxy server. You are not using a premium proxy service, don't try to use free proxies each time you want to force your way into a particular website


1. If you think its important to reach any website not by your default location, then purchase a proxy plan on Wingate, privoxy, freeproxy free stuffs aren't the best to use for works like this.

2. Don't spam on the website you are working on because your proxy gateway will be recorded by the website so you won't be denied entry again.

3. Ensure you have a stable connection I recommend using a WiFi network

4. You can change your device location by using a pre mium vpn like nord vpn, express VPN, ipvanish vpn, HMA VPN etc.

5. If the 1 to 4 of this solution you tried and IP PROXY issue persist, just entirely switched to another device or simply use another device for the task.

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