Some of us if not many must have bought airtime with our various bank ussd code and during the purchase process, mistakes like adding extra zeros to your desired amount happens for example, you actually wanted to buy 100 airtime maybe of MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE or GLO but you entered 1000 or 10000 which is way to much the money you want and can't afford to loose when you know there is no chance of getting your money back, this experience is so sad and depressing for some of us that tend to have such money as the only means of surviving. What I can tell you all is be calm there's something you can do about it to get your money back but it comes with dropping about 30% of the whole airtime you want to convert, don't ask me why am not running the business but you can trust it, I have used it couple of times in the past year, right from 2018 it was actually 10% but for the reason that much people don't patronise them anymore they increase their percentage of the airtime they get from every individual. 

The name of this airtime to cash converter is ZORANGA, which I like to call AIRTIME IS MONEY! Let me tell you my experience with Zoranga, before I get to know this site, I did the same mistake as written on the first paragraph of this article I got so depressed cause that was the only money left with me like i badly needed that money to keep myself alive because I was alone my family travelled to the village I decided not to go with them, thank God for Zoranga, a friend of mine directed me to them and I appreciated them, it was worth it though the percentage is much but I got some money back for myself. 

Here's how it works, 

◾Go to and register for an account, after thorough registration. Or simply download the ZORANGA APP HERE on playstore, search on appstore for iOS users. 

◾login to your account and fill your profile with your real details 

◾Link your active bank account details to the account, that comprises of your bank name, bank account number and bank account name. 

◾You have to deposit into your zoranga account then from there you withdraw to your available bank, Sending money from your Zoranga account is free and is usually completed with 5 mins. There is no withdrawal limit and you can withdraw anytime of the day.

Be aware that you can only deposit via mtn share and sell service to the specific phone number you see each time you want to do something like this and 30% is deducted for mtn. 

For 9mobile, same thing you send airtime to the number given at that time and 50% is deducted for 9mobile. These are the only two sims available for airtime to cash at the moment. 

The last thing I have to tell you is be cautious every time you are about to carry out anything especially the banking and money sector. 

Another way to swap your airtime credit to cash is through this platform named CHEETAH PAY, register Online on CHEETAHPAY HERE or you can just decided to download the CHEETAH APP HERE, it's the same procedure just as stated for ZORANGA as well. 

There's a bit good difference, for cheetah, all sims are allowed and no need to send airtime to a specific phone number, just enter the amount to convert and the charges will be calculated immediately, you then need to drop the number the airtime will be deducted from. Easy to use. 




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  1. Thanks a lot bro, this is really something, you da best my man I love the way you explained everything too.. One love ❤️


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