Apple Pay Launches for QNB Group Customers in Qatar

Apple Pay launch in qatar


Apple has recently launched its Pay service known as Apple Pay in Qatar, the which may have previously been available to selected regions has now been open to Apple users based in Qatar.

According to report, the newly launched pay service in Qatar will first be made available to the QNB Group, which calls itself the "largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa." before rolling out to other banks in the country  though it is highly expected that several other finance intuition will begin adding  the ‌Apple Pay‌ support to their system in the coming weeks.

 ‌Apple Pay‌ currently gives customers of QNB bank cards an easy access to use their ‌iPhone‌ and Apple Watch to complete purchases at contactless payment terminals and on their Macs for online purchases. However, before launching in Qatar, ‌Apple Pay‌ was first made available in Saudi Arabia in 2019 and other countries, such as Japan, Israel, and Mexico earlier this year.

The general manger of QNB Group Mr. Heba Al-Tamimi, announced the institutions launch of ‌Apple Pay‌ in Qatar as a step towards offering customers an easy and "state-of-the-art technologies."

Furthermore, adding that the institution is no doubt very proud for taking the initiative to bring Apple's  Pay  service to Qatari market. 

Meanwhile QNB is one of the well known financial institution based in Qatar for  providing its customers  with renowned  state-of-the-art technologies and services and with Apple Pay payment services enabled to its customers, they are likely committed to address their changing needs with the highest and most advanced levels of service."