Twitter Announces Changes To Direct Message and Sharing

Twitter update

Twitter says it is rolling out several number of changes in the coming weeks one of such is the way direct messages work, adding that twitter dm will now gain the ability to send a direct message to several people in different conversations.

Furthermore, there will be changes coming to tweet share in that users will be able to share the same tweet in up to 20 separate direct message conversations without the accidental creation of group chats when you DM a tweet to multiple people."

According to the company, all changes will be rolling out on iOS and twitter for web in the coming the weeks, keeping in mind that the changes will soon reach Android as well.  

Twitter is also effecting its change to DM timestamps for iOS users in order to reduce "timestamp clutter." instead of users having each messages within a DM conversation stamped with the date and time, Messages will are going to be grouped by day.

The Twitter iOS app is gaining a couple of user interface tweaks, including a long-press gesture to access the "add reaction" buttons (previously only accessible via a double tap, and a new down-arrow button to return to the most recent message in a DM conversation after scrolling through.

Earlier this month, Twitter added support for Sign in With Apple, allowing new users to create an account using their Apple ID while hiding their true email address from the social network.