Chrome is Getting More Option For The Use Of Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one of the best smart device features on every app lately. It not only aids the reduction of eye strain problems but also save battery life.

Google is curently working on bringing a more featured dark mode experence option on Chrome for Android. This a big update for Android Chrome users.

The new dark mode feature is still under development and it’s expected to launch sooner or later on update.

Function of the new Dark feature?

The feature will be labeled “auto-dark-mode per website”, and allow users to choose which website should Chrome browser display in full dark mode or be off to display in normal light mode.

For instance, instead of users to be stuck with dark mode or light mode on each and every sites they visit, or instead of manually turning on/off the dark mode on certain websites you visit. The new dark mode feature will give u a chance to set Chrome to auto on/off dark mode on some particular website or even prevent some certain sites from using the dark mode.

Users can manually add specific websites and then choose whether to block or allow auto-darkening on those websites.

There will beva switich enabler in the chome menu to help usrrs activate this feature when it launches.

As the the feature is still under development and we hope we currently don’t if it will be launching in the next coming chrome update or later on. Hopefully, the Chrome for desktop will also have it in the future.

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