How To Check Your BVN in Nigeria

How To Check Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

The Bank Verification Number, (BVN), is a mandatory requirement for any citizen of Nigeria at the of 18 and who intends to have unlimited access to financial services in Nigeria. 

What is The BVN?

The BVN is like a social security number (SSN), only unique to each individual but different identification numbers though in this case the BVN is meant for banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria to identify any individual with their bank account details.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is unique and numbered 11-digit and is allocated to anyone upon biometric registration.

The federal banking authority of Nigeria CBN enforced the capturing of biometrics for the BVN registeration in order to obtain the number back in February 2014. The reason for this was to address the increasing compromise of customer security data like passwords and PINs, and as well as the challenges faced by the commercial banks and finance institutions regarding face identity management.

All telecom and internet service providers and banks in Nigeria enable users to view their respective bank verification numbers from their mobile device by dialing just a simple code and then follow the screen prompt.

How To Check Your Bank Verification Number

The first thing to do before using this service is to ensure that whatever line you wish to check your bvn with is the same SIM number registered to the BVN. Meaning that if you perhaps registered your bvn with MTN, you cannot use an Airtel line to check the BVN. 

Noting that, to successfully check your bvn number follow strictly the steps as outlined below

First off, Dial the USSD code *565*0# to check your BVN

Dial *565*0# to view your BVN on all network

After dialing the code, wait a bit until the 11-digit number pops up and you can then copy the number.

You can either copy it for immediate use or save it for later. However, the service is not free and so it will inqure a service charge of N20 for every attempted transaction.

So, saving for later use is the advisable option here so you don’t get to pay a charge of N20 whenever you desire to use your BVN and can’t seem to recall it.

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