MTN Outage Experienced In Nigeria

MTN Nigeria Reacts to network outage

Africa’s leading telecommunication giant, MTN in Nigeria experienced a network outage yesterday afternoon in some major part of the country which affected most of its subscribers.

In reaction to the service outage experienced by its subscribers on Saturday afternoon. SMARTTECHVILLA and DAILYPOST reports that MTN subscribers in Delta State, Asaba as well as major cities including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and other parts of the country, all experienced this immense outage between the hour of 2:30 and 3pm. Most customers including us at Smarttechvilla eperienced the network outage as we were all unable to connect to the network.

Some of the telecom subscribers who took to the telecom giant on social media to lament the situation, stated there was no notification prior to the outage.

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Meanwhile, responding to this, MTN possessing over 77.35 million of the country’s SIM subscribers, said the company already has it’s team working towards restoring the service outage in the affected areas.

MTN Facebook page

Posting on its Facebook page, MTN apologized to customers experiencing the challenge, it’s well aware of the development in affected areas. “Dear customers, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused!

“Some of our customers are having difficulty in connecting to the network today. We are looking into this and are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused”. – Added MTN

This incident took place just 5days after the worlds leading social community platform Facebook also expeienced an immense outage which no doubt affected everyone all over the globe but was restored about 5hours after the outage.

MTN is back to working as normal as at 7pm yesterday with reports from Asaba and Abuja confirming the normalcy.

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