New MTN Daily 500 MB Cheat Settings

MTN 500 MB Free Browsing cheat Via HA Tunnel Plus

This is the same usual MTN 500 MB free browsing cheat (E-LEARNING) which was previously blocked but has been manovered and host tweaked. We’ve previously talked about how to activate and use this free browsing cheat on Techoragon and UT loop vp
Which means its no longer new to some of us as the same process applies in a way.

This MTN updated E-LEARNING CHEAT settings gives you free 500 MB data on a daily bases for browsing, downloading, streaming videos, and can be bypassed by utilizing more than a si for MTN SIM since the data can only be activated once a day per sim.

What Happens After I Exhaust The FREE Daily 500MB?

After the exhaustation of your free allocated 500mb, you’ll be suspended from browsing free for that day, using this cheat settings untill tomorrow unless you get a new different sim which has not been activated for this cheat.

Again, the exhaustation of the free daily 500mb often results to the HA Tunnel app which is to be used for this tweak settings to display a relegation reports of “ connection failed” when trying to reconnect the HA Tunnel Plus.

How Do I use The HA Tunnel Plus For the MTN 500MB Cheat?

Once you have the final interpretation of HA Tunnel Plus installed on your Android device, you don’t need any active data or airtime in your SIM. It’s fully free browsing. In fact, with 0.0 kb, you’re good to go as long as you have a working HA tunnel config file or settings.

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Requirement For setting The MTN 500MB cheat Via HA Tunnel Plus

  • An MTN NG internet- enabled SIM card (3G or 4G )
  • Android Smartphone
  • HA Tunnel Plus App ( Download it from HERE)

Notice! Make sure you download your VPN from the prior- given link.

How To Setup HA Tunnel App For MTN 500MB Cheat

  1. Launch the app, after which toggle custom connection off
  2. How click on the middle section of the app screen open up it’s tweak list and navigate to MTN NG 500mb daily
  3. Now select the tweak and hit the connect but on
  4. Finally, it will connect after a few seconds and you will be promoted to add more connection time in order to continue using the app just allow It and wait for the ad to finish displaying then minimize the app and start browsing.

Note! If you get “ connection failed” error, it means you have used up your allocated 500 MB for the day. You can’t use more than the 500 MB in a day for the same SIM card.

Dial *131*4# to check if you have been credited with 500mb e-learning data if not visit to activate it.

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