New Video Preview Suggests the Pixel 6 Launch is Soon

Google Pixel 6/ Credit – Google

In August, Google marvelled the world as the released a full preview video clip for its new upcoming Pixel models smartphones much earlier than expected. Since the roll out of the video, we’ve only received but a tiny bits of leaks and hints about the upcoming pixels 6 and 6 pro as the company’s suppose launch date draws ever nearer.

Google has recently published a different sets of preview again showcasing the new Pixel 6, suggesting the smartphone is “coming soon,” but that’s about it.

Meanwhile, prior the release of this latest video clip, Google has alreadly started running Pixel 6 and its 6 pro ads on live tv since the start of September, noting its newly anticipated new smartphones were “coming fall 2021.” Fall is here and at this point, it’s ever clearer that they’re slowly building up to the launch, but we are still uncertain when these new smart phones will be arriving on the stock market.

Google Pixel 6 showcase

Noting from the latest video clip above, which went live in Japan at the start of October 1st, Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are “coming soon.” Unfortunately, we’re not learning anything new about the phones, Android 12, or the release from these videos. Instead, the company was merely showcasing the new Material designs, software changes, teasing the phone, and having some fun.

Rumors are still circulating all over the place as to the potential release date of the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro model, though most of these rumours all agree that a stipulated event or launch would be around October 19th or 28th.

That’s been the case, we expect to hear more updates from the tech giants regarding it’s new model smartphone launch soon. In addition, we’re also expecting a Pixel Fold sometime later on before the end of the year.

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