You can now continue watching YouTube Videos from your Mobile on your Desktop

YouTube has now added a small mini-player on the Youtube for web client that allows users to quickly “Continue watching” videos from your phone and other devices.

What this do is that; If you’re in the middle of a viewing content on YouTube, and then leave YouTube web client for Android or iOS, going back to YouTube web client later on will display that video in the bottom-right corner of the users screen. The mini-player is queued to a second or so before it is paused.

Instead of displaying the video channel name, the label “Continue watching” is shown underneath the video title to hint you that you can continue from where you left off. Furthermore, tapping the play button will automatically start in the laydown smaller view, while a click anywhere will open the video in full page.


The new added feature also also works well if the user happen to pause what they are watching on YouTube for Android TV, and perhaps other tv sets. But it does not seem to function in the reverse direction with no “Continue watching” for the YouTube mobile apps.

9to5google first observed this new function earlier in the preceding week, though majority of users are currently now seeing this feature present on their devices.

Meanwhile for the feature to function properly, u have to be logged in to the same Google Account with your phone for history to sync automatically. The “continue watching” feature is faster than resuming your last session video through the “Library” page and checking the “History” section, or even having to manually add to “Watch later.” This continuity capability is somewhat reminiscent of the ability to see “Tabs from other devices” in Chrome.

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